How to Market Yourself for a New Job

You may not have thought about it before, but your resume is a sales document. It markets you as the right candidate for the job to the employer reading it. But is your resume doing its job properly? How can you be sure you’re selling yourself as the best candidate when you send off your resume? And what happens after you get a callback? Here are a few great ways to update your resume and market yourself to employers.

Be Explicit About Your Target

What do you want to accomplish? If you’re looking for a position in property management, be sure to focus on this throughout your resume. Make it explicit to a hiring manager that you have a specific goal and want to achieve it. When you’re more focused about what you want, you’ll attract the attention of the employer who has a need to fill.

Be Employer Focused

Be sure to do research along the way so you know what the company is looking for and figure out how to position your past skills to best serve them. Every job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. Your job is to determine how you can solve it. Make hiring you irresistible.

Create a Blog

Beyond your resume, you may want to create another sales piece that will help employers see who you really are. A blog can position you as a thought leader in the industry. This is also a great learning tool. Challenge yourself to learn about aspects of the job and write what you find. Your blog will become an extension of your resume and you can include a link when you submit your application.

Get Great References

An employer is going to want to see how successful you were in your career so far, so personal accounts are going to be key. You can have people write letters of recommendation, but also be sure to provide their contact information so the hiring manager can follow up with them. Always get your references permission before giving out their info.

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