How to Avoid Distraction While You’re at Work

In a world of smartphones, social media and tablets, distractions can be hard to avoid. But these common distractions can also be the enemy of productivity. If you want to keep yourself engaged at work, here’s a checklist to help you be more focused and less distracted on the job. Before you go into work, take a deep breath and challenge yourself to avoid these distractions.

Use a Time Management Tool

It’s easy to get caught up in the distraction of email or texts coming in. As soon as you see something pop up, you stop what you’re doing and check it. If you respond right away, you may be causing bigger problems. You may not consider your response fully or you may negatively impact the other things you were doing. Instead, use a time management tool to keep you focused on the task at hand. Emails and texts can wait. In fact, you can use them as a reward for completing the project and give yourself a few minutes to check in with your phone or email.

Don’t Multitask

Contrary to popular belief, the human brain is not designed to do more than one task at a time. Your performance and productivity will be much improved if you can focus on one thing only. This applies to everything from work to your life at home. When information is at your fingertips, you find you’re only half paying attention to the people or activities around you. If you force yourself to do one thing at a time and prioritize tasks, you’ll find yourself more productive.

Unplug More

Beyond setting down the cellphone at dinner or only checking emails a few times a day, the best way to stay away from technology-induced distractions is to take a digital holiday. For just one day, maybe on the weekend, challenge yourself to put away your phone and computer and really pay attention to the people and things around you. It can help your perspective and improve your overall engagement at work and at home.

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