Accidents Happen, How Can You Make Your Workplace Safer?

Your habits in the workplace affect a lot of things. From productivity to the bottom line, what you do matters. But what about safety? You may not think about safety in terms of an office job, but your habits at work can absolutely affect safety both positively and negatively. While accidents do happen, you can take steps to make your workplace safer. Here are some habits you can adapt in your next job to keep everyone safe.

Be a Good Example

One simple way you can reinforce safety in the workplace is to lead by example. It doesn’t matter if you’re in management or an employee, if you take safety seriously, you will influence others to do so as well.

For example, many of us are happy to cross the street when traffic clears if there’s no crosswalk. And even if there is no immediate danger, it reinforces unsafe behavior. So cross at a crosswalk. Apply this thought process to everything in the workplace with safety in mind.

Pay Attention to Training

Safety is usually addressed in your initial orientation and training. And safety can cover a lot more than hazards on the job. Pay attention to know what to do in case of an emergency, like a fire or medical crisis. But also know what to do if you feel uncomfortable on the job if someone is harassing you or someone else.

The training is important, so take notes and pay attention. It will give you the right tools you need to solve a problem before it gets out of hand.

Don’t Take Risks

Chances are if you work in an office environment, you’re not likely to have a daredevil streak in your personality. But there are people, and times, when taking a risk seems more exciting than doing things the right way. Avoid this behavior.

More importantly, if you see someone else in the workplace taking unnecessary risks to accomplish a task, make it known that the behavior is unsafe. Be willing to stand up for safety at all times.

Take Action

Finally, if you want to be a leader in terms of safe habits, you need to be willing to take action when an emergency situation arises. If you see something, say something. If you want to ensure that everyone else remains safe on the job, be willing to speak up when something is a concern.

But taking action doesn’t mean you have to put yourself at risk. Sometimes the best action to take is to call upon someone with authority or get out of the dangerous situation.

Is Safety on the Job Important to You?

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