Build Your Resume Without Heavy Work Experience

Are you just starting out in the workforce? Or maybe you’ve been out of it for a while and want to get back to work. How do you create a resume that will show employers you have what it takes to work with them even if you don’t have a lot of experience? Before you panic, know that people all over the country have faced this same problem and successfully found great work. Here are some tips to help you create a resume when you don’t have a lot of experience.

Write a Summary

Job objectives on resumes have largely fallen out of favor. You don’t need to specifically describe the type of job you’re looking for in your opening statement, you can save that for the cover letter. However, for candidates without a lot of specific work experience, the objective can be replaced with a summary that describes who you are and what you can do.

Think about the background you do have and craft a summary that shows the reader why you might be a good person to contact.

Pick the Right Format

The format has a lot to do with the readability of your resume. Many people are most familiar with the chronological resume that lists every job, starting with the most recent, followed by short bullets of job duties. But if you don’t have any jobs to list, this can be a challenge.

That’s where a functional resume can help. A functional resume focuses on accomplishments and skills rather than specific work history.

Evaluate Non-Work Experience

Sometimes people don’t realize they have a lot of experience even without having a series of the exact jobs. Things you’ve done outside the workplace still apply, you just have to figure out how to word it to attract the reader’s attention.

For example, you may have volunteered for a local organization or with the school system. Those things used your skills, so what were they? Maybe you wrote a blog. What was that about? How did you manage your time and create content?

Focus on Education

Sometimes the reason you don’t have real job experience is because you’ve been in school, so focus on that. What did you learn that you want to bring to the table as you start your career? Did you participate in extracurricular activities?

Your education can be an important piece of the puzzle, so highlight it on your resume.

Customize for the Job

As you apply, take a moment to review the job description. What is the company looking for and how can you do that for them? Make tweaks to your resume to showcase those specific things using similar language to the job description.

Make sure you change it with each application. There will be a different language for customer service applications than for a leasing agent within an apartment community, so be diligent about consistency.

Are You Looking For a Great Job Without a Lot of Previous Experience?

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