How to Turn a Flaw into A Strength in your Next Interview

Your inexperience in a specific area or pieces of resume content could come across as a flaw to your interviewer. Here are three ways to show your interviewer that your strengths outweigh their doubts.

Play Up Your Strengths

Although you may be inexperienced in one area that your interviewer brings up, one of your strengths may offset that specific flaw. For example, although you don’t have experience in one technology system, you may have significant knowledge of a similar system. If you have less professional experience than they are looking for in a candidate, express how your newness to the industry gives them the opportunity to mold you into a great employee.

Know What Makes You Superior

If your interviewer mentions that they were hoping for more experience in a certain area, start explaining your differentiators and why you deserve the position. Think of your differentiators before you go into your interview, so you aren’t speechless when this topic comes up. Do you have specific skills that put you ahead of the pack, including the ability to learn new skills quickly? Make sure to bring these skills up in your interview to show that you are willing to learn whatever the company has in store for you.

Explain What You’ve Learned

If your interviewer is weary of some things on your resume, such as the time you’ve spent at your past positions, make sure to express the positive experiences you learned at these positions. For example, although you spent a smaller amount of time at these positions, you were able to gain experience is different technology, gained contacts that could be beneficial to the company, or build skills that you didn’t have previously. Your accomplishments and knowledge from these past experiences will outweigh any negative emotions that your interviewer may be feeling.

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