How to Maintain Composure When You Are Feeling the Pressure in an Upcoming Interview

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For most job seekers, the interview stage of the hiring process can come across as intimidating. Utilize these three helpful tips when you are feeling the pressure in your next job interview.

Take a Deep Breath

Your body language will show your interviewers your true emotions in your next interview. If you look tense or stiff, it could come across that you are uncomfortable or unable to handle the pressure. To ensure you look relaxed, take some deep breaths when you first sit down in the interview room. Get comfortable in the space around you by sitting in a relaxed position. Spread out the documents you’ve brought so you can reference your notes easily.

Drink Some Water

If you are feeling anxious upon walking into the office building where your interview is being held, ask the receptionist for a glass of water. They most likely will ask you for a drink right when you come inside. A nice glass of water can do wonders for your nerves while you wait and will help you relax before your interviewer arrives.

Pause when Necessary

If you are feeling like your nerves are getting the best of you and find yourself stumped on a question, remember to pause to collect your thoughts. Don’t feel like you need to answer a difficult question right away. If you are still unsure of how to answer the question effectively, ask your interviewer if they can explain the question more thoroughly. Not only will this give you some extra time to think about your answer but will also provide you with extra information that could be beneficial to you creating a great answer.

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