Enhance Workplace Productivity at Your Community by Utilizing Outdoor Elements

Can you sense low motivation in the office environment at your property? Add these outdoor elements to improve efficiency and happiness in your workplace.

Plants and Flowers

If you feel that your employees are low on energy during the winter months, you should consider bringing some greenery into the office in the form of plants and flowers. These will give the illusion of being outside when co-workers may feel like they are being cooked up in the office. Incorporating a water feature can expel a feeling of calm and zen for all who come into the office.


During cold winter months where motivation could seem low, make sure that the blinds are open in the office as much as possible. Even though it may be cold outside, the sunlight will give employees the feeling of warm summer days. No one wants to feel like they are working from a low-lit and dreary room. Open blinds wherever possible to increase the mood of employees, potential residents, and current residents as they walk through property buildings.

Utilize Outdoor Smells

Air fresheners with outdoor or citrus scents can give the essence of being outdoors. For example, utilizing smells of the ocean, pine trees, and flowers. Place these fresh scents throughout the property to make small and cramped places feel open and airy. You may even see a boost in productivity when employees are working in a space that appeals to their senses in a positive way.

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