Three Signs That Your Interviewer Thinks You Are the Right Person for the Job

How do you know if your interviewer thinks you are a good fit for the position? Look for these three signs to see if the interview is going in a positive direction.

Body Language

Body language can express the different emotions and thoughts of an interviewer. For example, if your interviewer is smiling and nodding when you are explaining your skills and experience, this is a sign that they are enjoying the conversation. Strong eye contact shows that they are listening intently and are interested in the discussion. If the interviewer seems distracted or not fully engaged, this could be a sign that the interview is not going well.

You are Introduced to Other Department Members

One sign that your interview is going smoothly is when the interviewer introduces you to other members of the company. The more people you have a chance to speak to, the more of a potential impact you can make. You will also have the chance to gain information on your future department and team members. If all these team members feel positive about having you on their team, it could sway the main interviewer’s overall decision of hiring you.

They Are Excited About the Future

If the interviewer talks highly about the future of the company and the growth of the department, this could indicate that they are excited for you to start the position. If you express your past skills and experiences and they explain that the department’s goals align with your skills, this is also a sign that the company will benefit by having you on board. You can then respond by expressing your own excitement of joining the team and how your skills can help the company achieve its future goals.

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