Three Questions to Avoid Asking in Your Upcoming Job Interview

As a candidate, asking questions in an interview shows you are interested in learning more about the position. When compiling a list of questions you want to ask your interviewer, make sure these three are not on your list.

How Many Other Candidates Have You Seen for This Position?

This question puts the interviewer in an awkward position and they will most likely not feel comfortable disclosing this information to a potential candidate. Although you may be curious about your competition, it’s important that you focus solely on completing your interview to the best of your abilities. You’ll outperform your competition by connecting with your interviewers and expressing why your previous experiences make you the best fit for the position.

How Many Warnings Do I Have for Lateness?

This question will spark some automatic thoughts in your interviewer’s mind. For example, they will think you had issues with lateness at your previous position. This question also insinuates that you are unreliable and will arrive late in the future. It could give the interviewer the impression that you will need to be micromanaged and your manager may need to intervene when it comes to lateness.

Did I Get the Position?

The final decision of who will be offered the position will be determined by the company after they have seen all the potential applicants. This question can come across as arrogant or that you think you deserve the offer right away. If you are a great fit for the position and the company would like to move forward, they will contact you after your interview with next steps. Instead of asking this question, express to your interviewer that you are excited to hear from them and have enjoyed speaking with them and discussing the opportunity.

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