How to Promote Healthy Activities to Residents During the Winter Months

How do you promote health and wellness to your residents during the cold winter months? Inform your residents of these different options to help them continue their fitness journey throughout the year.

Discuss Nearby Options

Send an email to residents or post on the property’s your social media accounts informing them of nearby yoga studios, gyms, and other indoor classes. Offer them links to discounts at the establishments or promotions these companies are holding during the wintertime. Your residents will appreciate the information, especially if they are new residents and are unfamiliar with the area. If the gym or facility is very close by, let them know that they can get additional exercise by walking to the building from their apartment.

Remind Them of What You Offer

If the property has an indoor gym or other indoor exercise space, inform residents of their options when they want to work out in the winter. Let them know that all sidewalks/walking paths will be salted just in case they would like to brave the cold and walk outside. If they have pets, they can bring their dogs to the property’s dog park to get some exercise. They can work out and fulfill their exercise goals without even leaving the property.

Give Them the Facts

After bringing them up-to-date on all these options, provide them with some facts on why exercising during the winter months is beneficial to their health. If you want to make fitness a priority at your property, you could even challenge some of your residents to compete in community fitness challenge. The participants can work out in the gym and track and share their progress. Not only will this improve the health of your residents, but it will also successfully market your property’s gym as well.

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