Five Answers for Tough Interview Questions

Have you ever been asked a tough interview question that left you completely speechless? Here are five possible answers that will help you successfully respond to those tough questions in your next interview.

Question: Can you recall a time when you overcame a specific obstacle in your job position?

Answer: Yes, in my previous position, there were many different projects that I completed for multiple departments in the company. As these tasks increased, my days would become very busy and these tasks would become time-consuming. As a result, I learned that the best approach was to keep a strict calendar and notepad that included tasks I planned to complete each day. Although this experience was an obstacle in my beginning days at this company, it also allowed me to strengthen my organization skills and improve my overall time management skills.

Question: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Answer: I am extremely interested in this position because in five years I see myself as someone with deep expertise in this industry. I also find the idea of managing other employees and taking ownership of specific projects to be exciting, and I believe this position gives me the opportunity to learn from great managers and knowledgeable team members.

Question: Why are you looking to leave your current company and start a new position?

Answer: I feel that I have outgrown my current position and I am looking to take on a new challenge in a new industry. I believe this opportunity will give me the chance to enhance as a candidate and utilize my creative skills to help the company grow.

Question: How do you handle criticism?

Answer: Even though criticism can be uncomfortable, I feel like it’s necessary for professional growth and personal improvement. I’m completely open to hearing other’s opinions and working to become a stronger employee. Criticism can open your eyes to skills that you never thought you needed to improve upon.

Question: Why should we hire you?

Answer: I believe my experience and skills align perfectly with the type of candidate that you are searching for. Not only am I enthusiastic about this position, but I also believe that my time-management skills and communication skills would be useful to your team. After researching your values and mission on your website, I feel that I would be a great culture fit. With the contribution of my abilities and skills, I believe I can be a valuable team member and play a large role in helping the company achieve its yearly goals.

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