Three Career Resolutions Every Job Seeker Should Make in 2019

A new year gives you the opportunity to set new goals that will help to enhance your job search in 2019. Taking a look back into the past year and understanding what may need to be improved will help you set your goals and create a plan to achieve them in the coming year.

Build a New Skill to Aid in Your Job Search

Continuous improvement is crucial in any job position and for job seekers. Learning new skills will help to improve your resume, aid in getting a promotion, and enhance your professional brand. In the coming year, focus on adding one beneficial skill to your resume or applying this skill to your job tasks in your current position. For example, learning a new language is a great way to stand out in the job search process. Taking a class on a new web program that you are unfamiliar with is a great way to strengthen your technological skills and add to your resume.

Speak up! Make Your Opinions and Ideas Known

In 2018, you may have avoided speaking up in meetings or asking questions. In the new year, make an effort to tell others what you are thinking by offering ideas for an upcoming project or task. Expressing your thoughts and opinions displays that you are dedicated and interested in the topic that is being discussed. Once your idea or opinion has been expressed, expand on your response, let your fellow employees know why you feel this way, and describe what process you believe is best to improve the project.

Overcome a Personal Fear

In 2019, face and overcome something that has been holding you back. Whether it be public speaking, interviewing for specific positions, or taking on more responsibility at work. By facing your fears, you will overcome what is halting you from reaching your full potential in your career or career search.

Apply for A Job with InterSolutions in 2019

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