Keep Residents Safe This Thanksgiving. Four Safety Precautions to Keep Residents and Your Community Safe This Holiday

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and residents will be having friends and family over to enjoy the holiday and a large meal. The kitchen will be the most hectic room in the unit, with frantic residents cooking for numerous people. It is important to keep fire safety and other safety precautions in mind. Informing residents of precautionary measures will help to ensure their safety, the safety of other residents, and the safety of your community.

Encourage Maintenance Work Orders

It may sound crazy to encourage something that increases the workload for Maintenance Technicians, but this will pay off in the long run. Residents should be checking their appliances prior to the holiday to ensure that there are no issues. Smoke alarms should also be checked and fire extinguishers should be handy on Thanksgiving Day. Work orders should be submitted to resolve any issues that are found. Maintenance staff will work to fix problems and ensure that appliances are safe to prepare the upcoming meal.

Promote Cleanliness in The Surrounding Areas

Residents should do a pre-Thanksgiving clean to ensure that there is no flammable residue from previous meals on the stove, in the oven, and on the kitchen floors. Cleaning the appliances and floors throughout the cooking process will also ensure that there are no injuries due to fires, slips, or falls. A small fire has the potential to spread to other rooms of the rental unit and affect other units in the building. A small task, such as cleaning a kitchen prior to the Thanksgiving meal could prevent a fire that could impact many residents and your community.

Avoid Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

Thanksgiving Day is hectic and chaotic for everyone helping out in the kitchen. Although help is much appreciated, it is important to understand that numerous people in the kitchen increase the possibility of injuries. Residents should make sure that handles of pots, candles, and hot foods are not blocking the kitchen walkway, are not in places that can be easily bumped, and not located in places that can get caught on clothing. This is the best way to avoid possible spills and burns.

Keep an Eye on the Meal

Many people will be coming in and out of rental units on Thanksgiving Day. Residents will want to greet their guests and may get sidetracked while trying to entertain. Make sure to let your residents know that they should be keeping an eye on their food and rarely leave the kitchen while the food is cooking. A fire could start in their absence because they forgot about a dish they had in their oven or stove.

We have Temporary Maintenance Staff to Help You Through the Holiday

Ensure that all work orders are completed prior to the holiday with the help of additional maintenance staff. Our advanced recruitment, screening and training process gives our associates the best chance to succeed at your community and reduces the stress of hiring. Visit to request a top candidate today!