How to Keep Your Residents and Property Safe this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and it’s time for your property to get prepared! Here are some small changes you can implement to ensure your residents and property are safe this upcoming Halloween.

Ensure Property is Well Lit

Since there will be large amounts of parents and children walking around on Halloween night, it is important to make sure that your property is well lit. Focusing on improving lighting in places like sidewalks, stairs, and parking lots will help increase the visibility of pedestrians and avoid injuries. Residents should also make sure that they make a clear path to their doors. Large amounts of decorations can cause children to trip, fall, or knock over decorations on their way to front doors.

Safe Walkways and Landscaping

Landscaping should be well maintained and fallen leaves and branches should be cleaned up before children begin trick or treating. Messy landscaping can increase the likelihood of trips and falls when the sun goes down on Halloween night. Other maintenance issues should also be addressed, such as cracked pavement, wobbly handrails, and shaky stairs.

Avoid Fire Hazards

There will be a lot of activity on Halloween night. Whether it be parents taking photos of their children or children running up to neighbors’ doors, it is important to let residents know the importance of fire safety. As an extra precaution, all candles, jack-o-lanterns and other flames should remain out of the path of trick or treaters.

Inform Residents

Before Halloween night, offer residents tips and tricks to stay safe this Halloween on the community’s website, social media accounts, through emails, or with physical handouts. Let them know how they can prepare and take extra steps on that night to keep their rental unit safe. By informing and educating your residents, you will improve their safety and ultimately be protecting your property in the process.

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