You Didn’t Get the Job – Now What?

Let’s face it. The job search process can be stressful, overwhelming, and filled with moments that shake your confidence. One of the hardest parts of the process can be receiving a disappointing email or call saying that the position you were so excited about has been filled by another candidate. If you’ve experienced this and need some direction, here are four tips to get you back on track in your job search.

View it as a Learning Experience

After receiving the news that you didn’t get the job, an automatic response is to feel down in the dumps and confused about what to do next. Your initial outlook on the situation may be negative, but you should also take a moment to look at the positives. As a result of going through the application and interview process, you practiced your interview skills, established a better sense of what the interviewer enjoyed seeing on your resume, and now understand what you need to work on before your next job interview. Setbacks and challenges are both part of your path to success!

Evaluate your Process

Now is a great time to step back and look at the big picture when it comes to your career path and job search process. Did you apply to this job because it was the first opening you saw online or is this the type of job that could help shape you into the business leader you are looking to become. This situation could be a blessing in disguise. Don’t give up! The perfect job opportunity could be right around the corner.

Stop Overanalyzing

Analyzing every single conversation and thinking about what you could have done differently in your interview will not change the outcome. You will make yourself crazy replaying every single situation. If you are going to rehash your interview, do it in a positive way. Don’t be negative or give yourself a hard time. Congratulate yourself on completing the experience and learning about yourself in the process.

Reset and Move Forward

It’s time to start thinking ahead! Don’t let this small setback stop you from moving forward or affect your confidence level. There are plenty of companies that would be ecstatic to have you start at their company. You are simply still on the lookout for the perfect company. Keep searching and putting yourself out there and you will find the right fit faster than you think.

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