How to Show your Manager that you Deserve the Promotion

How long have you been waiting for that promotion? Whether you are a temporary employee hoping to be converted to a full-time position, or hoping for a position change, there are many ways to show your manager that you deserve the promotion.

Do Your Homework

If you are thinking of going to your manager directly and asking about the promotion you have been thinking about, it is a great idea to write down all your previous accomplishments. Remind the decisionmaker of your previous achievements and the projects you have completed during your time at the company. This list of accomplishments will make you feel better about selling your strengths to your manager and will also build your case for getting offered the promotion.

Be Patient

If you have mentioned the promotion to your manager and it keeps getting pushed aside or has not been brought up since, remember to remain patient. Do not take your built-up agitation and have it affect your daily projects. You want to work extremely hard to show your manager that you are dedicated to completing your tasks and are continuously willing to grow and learn at the company.

Stay Consistent

When you are offered and accept the promotion, it is important to continue dedicating a large amount of time and effort into your daily tasks. The last thing your manager wants to see is you slacking off after accepting the promotion. Show respect for your company and manager by putting as much effort into the new position as you can. Your manager will then see that their decision to offer you the promotion was beneficial to you and the company as a whole.

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