How Are Online Reviews Affecting Your Property’s Brand and Reputation?

Researching online reviews is a significant step for prospective residents in the apartment search process. It is important to understand how online reviews can ultimately impact a property’s brand, reputation, and filling vacancies.

Lose or Gain Potential Residents

The internet is the first place an apartment seeker goes to find a potential rental property in their area. Hearing from current and past residents about their experiences in published reviews paints a picture of what a possible renter will experience after they move into their rental unit. They put trust in these renters to describe any issues they have experienced or what aspects of the property they enjoy. A possible renter could be discouraged when seeing these reviews and decide not to reach out to your property to set up an appointment. It is crucial to monitor and respond to all reviews to ensure that the property is being portrayed in the best way possible.

Help or Hurt Your Competition

A bad review has the potential to steer prospective residents to a competing property in a nearby area. When reading reviews online, future residents will compare and contrast the reviews of numerous properties. One positive or negative review could be the deciding factor in moving forward with your property or going with your property’s competitor. When monitoring reviews, it is important to respond to each comment to express that the property is strongly involved in resolving resident issues and thanking residents for their positive reviews as well.

Creates or Worsens Referrals

Your residents serve as your brand ambassadors and can play a large role in bringing in prospective residents to your property. If a current resident writes a negative review about their experiences to prospective residents, it will ultimately hurt referrals. Word-of-mouth marketing has a great impact in filling vacancies and increasing visibility of a property. Managing online reviews will give properties insight into what residents are experiencing and what they may be overlooking in terms of their residents’ living experience.

Enhances or Diminishes Property Appeal

A well-rounded and professional company manages and devotes time to improve all aspects of their business. A property’s online presence is the first thing a prospective resident sees, and creating a strong online presence is just as important as maintaining a great physical appearance at a property. Remember to ask for reviews from current residents as well. A property should not be afraid to ask for feedback because residents want to feel involved and that their opinion is beneficial. Let them know that their feedback is appreciated and will help to improve the property in the future. Asking for reviews and responding to reviews expresses a property’s commitment to quality customer service and attentiveness to their residents.

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