3 Ways a Leasing Consultant Can Turn a Negative Meeting or Walk-Through Around

An appointment with a potential resident gives a leasing consultant the platform to sell the rental unit, the property’s amenities, and its offerings. When that resident is expressing negative thoughts about the rental unit or the property, it is important for the leasing consultant to guide the appointment in a more positive direction.

Listen Before Responding

When a leasing consultant is faced with a potential resident that is expressing negative thoughts or opinions about the property or apartment unit, one of the best things they can do is to intently listen to their concerns. Once the consultant has a complete understanding of what the resident dislikes about the unit, they can formulate an educated response to move the appointment in a better direction. The more information the consultant has about their concerns, the better they can explain how those types of issues are handled at the property.

Reassure Them That Their Issues will be Resolved

If a potential resident is feeling uneasy about the apartment unit during a walk-through, it is important for the leasing consultant to explain that their concerns are valid and will be dealt with in the best way possible at the property once they move in. The consultant wants to create a comforting environment and the best way to do this is by explaining what steps are in place at the property to handle their concerns if they arise when they move in. The consultant should explain the processes and procedures at the property and express that their concerns will be fixed in a fast and efficient way.

Offer Suggestions or Next Steps

If a potential resident mentions that they have an issue with something in the rental unit or a service that the property is offering, it is the leasing consultants’ job to express what can be done to make the situation better. Have other residents had this concern before? If they have, how has the property handled this situation in the past? What policies are in place to avoid the situation completely? The leasing consultant should do everything in their power to ensure the resident feels content during their walk-through and that the property will do everything in its power to ensure they will enjoy their new home.

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