A Concierge Sets the Tone for the Apartment Community – Here’s How!

One of the main responsibilities of a resident concierge is to create a memorable experience for residents and guests. Their demeanor and interactions set the tone for the entire rental property.

Face of Your Community

The resident concierge oversees the lobby and front desk area by answering phones and greeting guests and vendors. They are the first person a guest or vendor sees when entering the rental property. Their behavior can make or break a guest’s perception of the property. Guests are looking to be welcomed with open arms and shown a high level of hospitality. When the concierge makes a great first impression, the guest will ultimately have a great first impression of the property.

Offer Recommendations

Residents and guests look to the concierge for recommendations for restaurants nearby, orchestrating activities, and community events. Their interaction with guests and residents corresponds to an unforgettable experience at the property. It only takes one bad experience for a resident to change their mindset and the concierge has the power to ensure their experiences are continuously positive.

Front Lines of Customer Service

The concierge should be committed to quality customer service for everyone they see at the property. They must follow-up with completed requests to ensure resident satisfaction, monitor all common areas for proper upkeep, and provide solutions for resident work orders and requests. They are on the front lines of these customer service-related tasks. If these tasks are completed poorly or not up to resident standards, the property will possibly suffer in resident retention and property reviews.

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