Job Search Taking Longer Than You’ve Hoped? – Get Back on Track with These Tips

Job hunting can be an overwhelming and tiring process. Application after application.  Interview after interview. It seems like it will never end! Sometimes stepping away and adjusting your search strategy is all you need to put you back on track.

Rethink Your Interview Approach

If you’ve been on multiple interviews and none of them seem to be going as well as you’ve hoped, you should think about adjusting your interview strategy. Have you felt underprepared in your previous interviews? Are you coming across as confident as you would like to be? Before your next interview, try to implement different elements to ensure that you are prepared and comfortable. Take a long look at your resume and the work experiences you wrote about. Refreshing your mind on the different skills you gained from past job positions will allow you to expand upon these experiences in your next job interview. Remember to study the job position and its requirements so you are prepared when they ask questions regarding the position. Lastly, think about what questions they may ask you in your interview and write down a couple of samples responses that you can reference when answering these possible questions.

Look at Your Resume with Fresh Eyes

If you have hit a roadblock in your job hunt, it is also a great idea to go back to square one and depict your resume. Are there any specific skills or traits you think would be beneficial to add? Would expanding upon your word choice heighten the professionality of your resume? Remember, your resume is the first thing a company sets eyes on in the hiring process. Keep your resume fresh, updated, and professional to ensure you make a great first impression.

Utilize your Network

If you need a new avenue in your job search, expand your search by utilizing your professional network. Reaching out to your connections on LinkedIn or other personal contacts is a great way to gain insight on new openings you may not have previously seen or heard of in your desired industry. These contacts can be a great tool to guide and assist you in your search.

Turn a Negative into a Positive

Even though the search may be taking longer than you have hoped, don’t lose sight of your goal! Use all the information and knowledge you have gained from previous interviews to help you with future interviews and meetings. Remain confident and positive that a small change in the search process may be the thing you need to be offered the job you’ve always wanted.

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