3 Interview Follow-Up Mistakes that Could Cost You the Job

Sending a meaningful follow-up message after an interview shows the company and interviewers that an applicant is still interested in moving forward with the position and makes the candidate memorable. It is important to put a significant amount of effort and time in taking the correct steps to execute a proper interview follow-up and understand what steps to avoid when attempting to contact a future employer. Here are three interview follow-up mistakes to avoid when reaching out to a company after an interview.

Contacting the Company Multiple Times

Attempting to contact a company after an interview numerous times causes a hassle for the company and its employees. A single email will suffice to let the company know that the applicant is still enthusiastic and excited to move forward with the position. It is important to avoid eagerly contacting the company multiple times and patiently wait for the company to reach out. After an applicant has sent their first follow-up message, they should wait to hear about next steps or a final decision.

Waiting Too Long to Thank the Company

Failing to promptly contact the company can portray that the candidate is hesitant about moving forward with the position after completing their interview. It is crucial for applicants to contact them the same day their interview completes to demonstrate how much they enjoyed speaking with each interviewer and their excitement regarding the position.

Failing to Proofread the Response

When writing emails and responding to the company after an interview, it is crucial to proofread for errors before sending. A badly written message can cause a bad first impression to the future employer. Verify that the interviewer’s names are spelled correctly, that the company name is correct, and that accurate information is included regarding the position and its requirements. A pristine follow-up shows company decision makers that the candidate will be a professional and detail-oriented future employee at the company.

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