Overwhelmed After Your First Week of Work? 3 Ways to Feel Comfortable at Your New Job

Starting a new position can be a challenging experience. New responsibilities, new coworkers, and new environments are just some of the changes that come along with a new job. It is normal to feel apprehensive or uncomfortable in this new environment, but you should not let your concerns prevent you from doing the best work you can. Follow these tips to feel calmer and comfortable when you are the new employee at work.

Talk to Fellow Coworkers

Make an effort to talk to different employees in the office that you see every day, those that are near your desk space, and those that are in your department. Building bonds and relationships with coworkers is a great way to stay social and involved at work. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to coworkers you have not previously met and have a conversation with them. They could be a great resource for questions or concerns that you may come across in the future.

Give Yourself a Confidence Boost

Remember that you were chosen for your specific position because the company believes that you are qualified and possess the skills necessary to complete the requirements of the job. You are an asset to the company and have immense experience and skills that will aid in the company completing its goals. Remind yourself that you don’t need to have all the answers during your first few days at the company. It takes time to learn the standard procedures and become comfortable with your manager and fellow coworkers.

Ask for Help or Additional Training

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness! Requesting additional time or training on specific activities shows managers that you are willing to learn and invest more time in completing a task in the correct way. Ask your manager for feedback or have them walk you through specific tasks to help improve performance. You manager will respect your initiative to come forward and ask for help right away. As a result, you gain knowledge on the task at hand and how to complete it properly.

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