5 Interview Mishaps that May Be Impacting Your Job Search

Have you ever completed an interview for a position and thought you did an amazing job, soon to find out that the position was offered to another candidate? When this happens, a list of questions goes through your mind and you begin to analyze what could have went wrong. Here are some possible interview mishaps that may have led to the company’s decision.

You Relied Solely on Your Resume

Your resume may be written immaculately and include great work experiences, but you need to be able to express your skills and knowledge in a concise way in person. Stay away from repeating exactly what is written on your resume in future interviews and focus on expressing how your skills fit into the position’s requirements. You will come across as a multifaceted applicant and the interviewer will see that you have more to bring to the table than what is written on your resume.

You Were Not Prepared

Preparation before an interview is vital to understand the company’s culture and what they are looking for in a new hire. For future interviews, search the company’s website and social media to gain insight into their brand, their values, and general knowledge about the company. Incorporate some of these findings into your interview answers where necessary. Your educated responses will show the interviewer that you have dedicated time to doing research and that your values align with what the company finds important. A little research goes a long way!

You Failed to Stand Out

When you go into an interview, your goal should be to make a connection with the interviewer and create a picture in their mind that you are the best choice for the job. Remember to show some personality in your next interview and talk about previous work experiences that correlate to the job you are applying for. Integrate personal experiences and hobbies into your answers so they get a better sense of who you are when you are not at work. Incorporating these responses will show the interviewer that you are versatile and perfect for this position on paper and in person.

You Didn’t Bring Your “A” Game in Person

Keep in mind that an interviewer looks at multiple details when considering if someone is a good fit for a specific role, and you should put your best foot forward during all interview stages. Were you wearing professional attire? Were you on time? Did you smile when answering questions? All of these details play a large role in deciding if you encompass all aspects needed for the position and the company. Make sure that you look the part, go in with a pleasant demeanor, and get to the interview a few minutes early to compile your thoughts.

You Didn’t Interview with InterSolutions

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