Simple Details You CAN’T Overlook in the Job Search

When conducting a job search, do you focus on the details? Paying attention to the smaller elements that make up a successful search is one key to being offered the role you desire.

Information on Your Resume  

Have you and a family member or friend looked over your resume multiple times? The hiring manager wants to quickly determine whether you are qualified for a position before deciding to call you in for an interview. Ensure you customize your resume to reflect the required skills and related achievements for each role. Make sure your contact information, work experience, professional memberships and education are updated. Plus, check for spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors.

Facts About the Company

Did you research the company, hiring manager, and others involved in the recruiting process? Because you are marketing yourself as someone who fills company needs, you must know what those needs are. For instance, determine what the company’s goals are and how you can help achieve them. And, share information you learn about the hiring manager, interviewers, and other key management so that they take a greater interest in you as well. Also, find out which products/services the company offers along with its stability and solvency. Plus, learn about recent changes in technology, expansions, mergers, or other issues. Use sources such as the company website, employee contacts, search engines, the local Better Business Bureau, and social media to conduct your research.

How You Present Yourself

Do you monitor your body language during an interview? Some interviewers pay more attention to your body language than to what you say. For this reason, display calmness and confidence from the moment you enter the parking lot. You never know who may be near you or looking out from an office window. Enthusiastically greet the receptionist with your name and the name of the person you are meeting with. Greet the interviewer with a smile, eye contact and a firm handshake. Sit with your back straight and chest open. Keep your arms at your sides. When gesturing with your hands as you talk, keep them above the interviewer’s desk but below your neck. Maintain regular eye contact during your discussion. After your interview, smile, shake hands with the interviewer, and thank them for their time.

Make InterSolutions Part of Your Job Search

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