Social Media Provides the Perfect Opportunity to Connect With Residents

Social media is a great way to connect with current and prospective community members. They want to see how you share stories and photos that illustrate the benefits of living on your property and encourage others to become community members.

Promote Community Events

You may announce activities happening on your complex or in the local area, such as farmers’ markets, craft fairs or fireworks displays. Helping residents feel connected to their community results in more leases being renewed and turnover being reduced.

Respond to Inquiries

Residents may feel their issue is too minor to directly contact management. However, you want everyone’s needs fulfilled to maintain a secure feeling about living on your property long term.

Share Maintenance Updates

Track progress on a major renovation or property upgrade. Encourage residents to provide feedback on what improvements they would like to see. Plus, you can share pictures of what the property looked like before and after having work done to demonstrate the additional value being provided.

Advertise Units

Let your social media followers know about available units in your community. Residents who enjoy living on the property will be more inclined to share the information and help fill your openings. You can even offer an incentive to do so, such as a gift card or discount on rent.

Share Important Information

Use social media to share important information with residents. For instance, remind residents that letting faucets drip during a cold spell can help prevent pipes from bursting. Or, let residents know the date roof repairs will begin. And, share information about a water main break that will impact the ability to do laundry during a certain time.

Increase Resident Satisfaction

Use your Facebook business page to provide complete information about the community, answer questions and interact with people one-on-one. Cross-promote local businesses to show what the area has to offer or use Instagram to post a photo or virtual tour of your property, host a resident photo contest and promote your amenities and services. On Snapchat, post videos of property tours and amenities, community events and contests for residents to create a Snapchat about your property. On Twitter, interact with current and prospective residents, incorporate photos and videos, and respond to comments.

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