How Does Your Property Appear to Prospective Residents on Mobile?

With the majority of people finding apartments on mobile devices, your property needs to be visible on multiple platforms. Prospective residents must see what available units and amenities you have and where you are located to determine whether they may want to live in your community. Providing prospective residents with the information they want increases the odds they will tour your property and apply to join your community.

Website and Social Media Visibility  

In today’s digital age, your community needs to be online. Prospective residents want to learn more about your community before deciding whether to take time for a tour. Display pictures and videos of your amenities, security features, available units, and other points of interest. Include resident testimonials about what it is like living on the property. Point out the benefits of living at your community rather than somewhere else. Interact with prospective residents on social media so you can get to know them and they can see themselves joining your community. Allow followers to share your posts so you reach even more prospective residents.

Efficient Response Time

Prospective residents who call or email your staff with questions or concerns expect a response the same day. They want their needs to be met in a timely manner, so they feel secure about living in your community. If prospective residents do not quickly hear from you, they will continue looking at other properties where the staff is more responsive.

Easy Application Process

Many prospective residents spend hours looking at apartments both online and in person. When they find the price, size, amenities and location they desire, they want to start the application process. The sooner prospective residents begin their background screenings, the sooner they’ll be able to move to their new home.

Ongoing Contact

Residents expect the same level of response after they move to your community as they receive when they first join the community. Surveys conducted by SatisFacts Research show that prompt responses to resident calls and emails have the most influential impact on whether residents decide to renew their lease. Because residents know they need to respect the property, they expect staff to respect them as well.

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