Which Skills Does an Apartment Porter Need?


Working as an apartment porter is an important role. You draw prospective residents to the complex and retain current ones. Therefore, you need specific skills to be successful as an apartment porter.

Show Pride in Your Work

Everything you do, from maintaining the grounds and building exterior to the amenities and parking lots, is a reflection of your effort. Your role influences current and prospective residents’ opinions of the property. The higher the quality of the work you perform, the stronger your reputation becomes in both the company and the property management industry. Display impeccable work at all times to increase your chances of earning more income and promotions.

Communicate Well

Because you spend most days working on outdoor maintenance issues or repairs, residents typically see you more than they do other staff members. Therefore, you have more personal interactions with residents and a substantial impact on their customer service experience. Because residents associate you with their feeling of community while living on the property, you need to communicate in a friendly and professional manner at all times. Efficiently respond to maintenance issues as they arise. Explain how long the problem may take to resolve. Keep residents informed on your progress. Let them know when you complete your work. Answer questions in a positive, informative manner.

Increase Efficiency

Streamline the types of products and parts used in each unit to simplify the service processes and more quickly resolve maintenance issues and repairs. Implement an online system to track resident supplies and maintenance inventory so you know what is on hand and what needs to be ordered. Use an app that allows residents to request services and maintenance workers to communicate their work progress. Educate staff members on the information needed for a service request. Provide staff note cards with questions they can ask residents to gather the necessary details about an issue. You will have a better understanding of the problem and what you need to fix it the first time.

Learn More About Maintenance Issues

Part of working as an apartment porter involves continuously learning about maintenance issues. Participating in regular training ensures you can efficiently and effectively resolve maintenance issues as they arise. Although many skills are transferrable among jobs, adding to your knowledge base and experience level is especially important with the increasing complexity of technology being used to run apartment complexes. In many cases, you must seek out training from a specific company to learn how to service their products.

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