Interview of InterSolutions Team Member Josh Cohen

Josh’s Role

Staffing Specialist Josh Cohen has been part of our team since March 2015. From his office in Philadelphia, PA, he interviews new associates, starts them on the hiring process, and places staff in open leasing and maintenance positions. Josh also talks with placements and clients about how to better recruit and serve, manages sales strategies for Delaware and greater Philadelphia area to bring in new properties that need help, and acts as the front line in providing associates an exceptional work experience.

Josh’s Biggest Career Influence

Josh states that Drew Golin, Vice President, has had the biggest influence on his career. Drew recruited Josh to be a temporary leasing consultant with no experience in the property management industry. Within eight months, through lots of communication, Drew began placing Josh in more internal roles that required increasing levels of trust. Josh states that the ongoing reinforcement of the networking and job opportunities that InterSolutions has to offer is 10 times more valuable than financial gain. Like many property management associates, Josh was financially struggling when he first started in the industry. After dedicating months to his career progression, Drew became one of Josh’s biggest advocates. Drew does the same for any associate who puts in the effort to embrace change and thrive.

What Josh Enjoys Most About Property Management

When Josh started working on the property side, he enjoyed helping people find one of their greatest investments: a home to live in. Matching people with an apartment that fit their needs is a highly rewarding career. Now that Josh works on the vendor side, he enjoys helping people find careers. He feels great value in placing the right workers with the right properties and opportunities to cultivate a fulfilling career in property management.

What Josh Appreciates Most About InterSolutions

As a former employee in retail, customer service and the food industry before becoming a public-school teacher, Josh states that InterSolutions is the most family-oriented, trustworthy, loyal company he has ever worked for. Every associate has all of their needs met, which is very empowering and motivational. Associates want to succeed not just for themselves but for the company as well. When Drew Golin and his team recruits associates, he lays out a lifestyle that shows you are just as important as the CEO.

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