Which Amenities Is Your Property Undervaluing?


Many apartment residents are willing to spend more money to find the right fit for their needs and lifestyle. Therefore, as a rental property owner, you need to effectively market your amenities to find and keep the most quality residents possible. Here are four of the top amenities apartment residents are looking for.


Concierge services enhance the resident experience and promote a sense of community, attracting new residents and increasing retention. For example, top concierge workers are always kind, patient, respectful and consistent when interacting with residents and guests. The best concierge workers greet residents by name and make them feel welcome. Concierge workers quickly fulfill resident requests and resolve issues as they arise. They organize social activities such as pool parties, wine tastings, poker games and culinary exhibitions to promote community involvement.


Utilizing current technology plays a large part in increasing the value of your property. For example, concierge software markets available units, provides information about the property that matters most to potential residents, and monitors the quality of applicants. Online rent payment services offer a streamlined process for receiving and recording payments. Natural language processing (NLP) can search resident reviews and track and measure information about a property that prospective residents want. For example, prospective residents can determine whether the noise level, maintenance responsiveness and quality of amenities will fit their needs. Property managers can use the same data to determine trends and interests among residents to attract new residents and increase retention.


Allowing pets increases the value of your property, grows the number of prospective residents and increases resident retention. In addition to a pet deposit, you may be able to charge a monthly pet fee to increase revenue and potentially prevent pet damage to your property. Ensure you provide built-in space for dogs and other animals to run around in and remind residents to clean up after their pets. Have a clear pet policy outlined in your lease agreement to minimize risk and establish clear expectations about acceptable animal behavior on your property. In addition to a background and credit check for prospective residents, require pet owners to submit references, vet records, obedience training certificates and proof of renter’s insurance with pet coverage.

Package Delivery

Because most residents do not want strangers entering their homes when they are away, many property owners install lockers, expand office storage areas, add shelves to existing spaces or use software alert systems to let residents know when their packages arrive. These systems focus on managing costs while providing solutions and monitoring future e-commerce growth and design strategies.

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