How Does Our 24/7 Call Center Help the Apartment Concierge Meet Residents’ Requests?


At InterSolutions, our apartment concierge associates go above and beyond to fill residents’ needs. Along with hiring top professionals who are passionate about serving apartment residents and their guests, we provide a live 24/7 call center that assists our associates and client companies with any needs as they arise. Supplying an ongoing support team helps InterSolutions provide top quality concierge service at any time, day or night.

Employee Support Around the Clock

Because InterSolutions knows that our apartment concierge associates are among our top assets, we provide live support for them at all hours. For example, we understand that there are lulls that occur throughout a night shift. Our concierge staff can talk with a live person at our 24/7 call center to help to stay alert and focused. Our concierge associates also can use our call center staff as a sounding board for professional advisement on any work-related issue. Plus, our call center may check in with our concierge associates to see how things are going and offer assistance with any issues that may arise.

Client Support Day and Night

Because InterSolutions’ apartment concierge staff work around the clock, we provide a 24/7 call center for our client companies to contact a live person when needed. For example, since our clients may have a last-minute need for concierge associates, our concierge associates understand that they need to be flexible with their schedule. For example, if a client community calls InterSolutions at 11 pm and requests an apartment concierge worker for 9 am the next day, we may start calling our associates at 3 am to see who is available to work. Also, an associate from our call center may check in on our overnight concierge staff to ensure they are at their desk and/or performing their duties. In addition, the InterSolutions call center provides immediate support if an incident occurs at one of their client communities.  Clients can talk with a live person at our call center to report what happened and have us troubleshoot the issue for them.

Complete Peace of Mind

Providing a 24/7 call center gives both our apartment concierge associates and client communities peace of mind. Knowing that there is always a live person to talk to at any time for any issue ensures that our associates’ and clients’ needs are met and clients’ apartment community continue operating smoothly.

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