Your Concierge Improves Your Residents’ Experience


Many apartment complex owners use their concierge services to set them apart from the competition. Accommodating residents’ busy lifestyles and helping them achieve a better work-life balance increases resident retention and makes a property more marketable. Here are six ways your concierge can improve your residents’ experience.

Greet Residents

A top concierge greets residents and guests. As the first point of contact, the concierge gets to know residents through daily interactions. Saying “hello” to people creates a feeling of intimacy and true community. Because bonds develop, residents feel encouraged to remain on the property for a longer period of time.

Carry Out Personal Requests

An excellent concierge carries out residents’ personal requests. The concierge may make dinner reservations, schedule pet grooming, spa or other personal services; or set up valet, taxi or other transportation services. The concierge might schedule dry cleaning, car washing or apartment-sitting services. The concierge could set up a tee time, order tickets for a local event, or arrange a flower delivery.  An experienced concierge may even anticipate residents’ needs and fulfill them before being asked.

Coordinate Services

An wonderful concierge coordinates residents’ requested services. Residents gain assistance moving in or out without disruption of major events. Deliveries of furniture and other large items may be brought to an apartment and placed where the resident desires. Boxes may be left in the hall and broken down for recycling. Maintenance requests may be scheduled and followed up on.

Accept Deliveries

An effective concierge accepts and distributes residents’ incoming and outgoing deliveries. The concierge may notify residents by email or text message when packages arrive. Deliveries remain safe, the lobby and mail area stay organized, and residents gain peace of mind.

Let in Service Providers

A well-trained concierge lets in service providers. Maintenance workers, housekeepers, yoga instructors, dog walkers and other professionals may come by when scheduled and gain access to residents’ homes. Residents appreciate the value they receive from the services they pay for.

Organize Community Events

A functional concierge organizes apartment community events. To bring residents together, the concierge may assist residents and managers with planning and executing pool parties, poker games, volleyball tournaments or movie nights. The events impact how residents feel about their community and aid in retention.

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