An Impressive Format to Show Temporary Work on Your Resume


Taking on temporary work can be an asset for your career. The skills and experience you gain increase your value in the marketplace. Be sure you properly format your resume to show how you may benefit your next employer.

Put the Staffing Agency as Your Employer

List the staffing agency as your employer. Include the city and state where the office is located and the start and end dates you worked for the company. Include a few sentences about what type of work the agency specializes in and the work you performed. Highlight the companies you worked for and a few key responsibilities in your job assignments. If you worked on assignment for over one year or were hired full-time after your contract ended, list your work experience as if it were a full-time role and add “temporary worker” or “contractor” next to your job title.

List Your Jobs Under the Staffing Agency

Put your job titles and responsibilities under the staffing agency. Combine roles by function when possible. As long as you can show consistency in your work, include only temporary work related to the position you are applying for. You want your resume to be easily read and understood so that hiring managers can see how your skills and experience make you best suited for a role.

Highlight Your Skills and Accomplishments

Showcase your skills and accomplishments from each job and your impact on each company. Quantify your contributions to helping an organization make or save time or money. Show how you gained new skills, were given additional responsibilities in a short amount of time, or were recognized for your contributions. Highlight the challenges you faced, the actions you took to overcome them, and how your results benefitted the company. Point out the business goals you met and rewards you received. Mention specific examples of how you went beyond your job responsibilities to add value to a company. Show how enhancing your skill set and experience level have prepared you for your next role. Be sure you point out the adaptability, flexibility, and ability to quickly learn new tasks you gained through your temp work. Mention the industry-specific skills you gained that relate to the position you want.

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