Why Will a Staffing Agency Find You a Job in 2018?


When finding your next property management job in 2018, partner with a staffing agency such as InterSolutions. You will be presented with opportunities you may not have had otherwise that can grow your career.

The Agency Wants to Fill Client Needs

Agencies are employed by companies to act as brokers in placing qualified workers in roles. Therefore, agencies find top candidates and teach them to sell their skills and experience to employers as a way of meeting client objectives. As a result, working with an agency will provide you access to unlisted job openings. You will be offered interviews more quickly than if you answered an ad and face less competition.

The Agency Will Coach You  

You will receive guidance on what to expect from an interview, which areas to focus on and what to avoid during the process. You will gain insight into the company, its culture and employer expectations to increase your chances of being offered a temporary, temporary-to-permanent or permanent position. You will know how to dress for the interview, monitor your body language and appropriately ask and answer questions. This will increase your confidence level and help you perform better.

The Agency Will Train You

Because InterSolutions places property management professionals, we ensure they are Fair-Housing Certified to reduce risk for rental property owners. We also use Grace Hill to train our workers. The company is a leader in best-in-class online training courseware and administration for the property management industry to improve performance and reduce risk. Grace Hill recently partnered with the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) to provide property management professionals easy access to career=building credentials, continuing education and Industry information.

The Agency Makes Money by Placing Candidates

Because payment is typically a percentage of a new worker’s salary, the staffing agency will negotiate the best offer they can for you. As a result, you may receive more income than you would have by finding a job on your own.

Contact InterSolutions

For help with securing your next property management position, contact InterSolutions to work with a top apartment staffing agency!



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