What Do You Do With a Lead on an Apartment?


When gaining a lead on an apartment, you need to know which steps to take to convert the lead to a resident. Following an established process will ensure you take proper action at the right time to encourage the lead to live on the property. Follow these guidelines for what to do with a lead on an apartment.

Track the Lead’s Origin

You’ll be better able to target your marketing strategy and convert leads into residents. Ask each lead where they found your information, such as an advertisement, social media post, referral, newsletter, phone call or your website. Use tracking software and applications, such as Google Analytics, third-party software or call tracking services, to organize and manage each lead’s information. In addition, analyze why certain marketing methods are successful while others aren’t. Perhaps you need to try a different message to engage more interest in your property.

Quickly Respond

Respond to each lead within 24 hours by the same method that was used to contact you. Find out what drew the lead to your property, what their wants and needs are, and what issues they’ve encountered in their apartment search. Guide your lead in envisioning the type of lifestyle they’ll have while living on your property. Point out how your property fits exactly what the lead is looking for and will help solve the problems they’ve been facing during their search. Furthermore, let the lead know if the property is close to public transportation, popular restaurants, stores and other places of interest.

Qualify the Lead

Determine how likely the lead is to become a high-quality, long-term resident. A quality lead is committed, informed and connected. Also, a quality lead has typically visited many properties’ websites to find the right fit, has family and/or friends in the community, and shows up on time for a property tour.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The sooner the lead meets with your leasing consultant, the sooner you may be able to gain a new resident. Ask to schedule a time to tour your property. Provide an incentive for visiting your location, such as a Starbucks gift card for touring the property or $100 off the first month’s rent.

Follow Up

Send emails that tell your story through videos, blog posts, resident ratings and more. Run remarketing ads as banners on social media and other websites to help reinforce your message and encourage leads to live on your property.

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