How Can You Store a Resume on Your Mobile Device?

With your busy lifestyle, searching for your next job can be challenging. You need time to prepare your resume and apply for openings that match your qualifications and interests. However, you may not be home long enough to effectively move forward with the process. Fortunately, you can complete all of these activities from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Here are three ways you can store your resume on your mobile device.

Google Drive

Google Drive lets you create, upload, edit, save and share your resume. You can also store your job materials online and organize them into folders. In addition, Google Drive provides resume templates to assist with your job search.

Simply register and create a Google account to access Google Drive. You can upload your resume from your computer or create your own using the Drive. You also can adjust the font and font size, add bullet points and other characters and modify anything else on your resume. In addition, you can make your resume public, share it with specific individuals such as hiring managers or recruiters, or keep your resume private so your boss doesn’t see it.

Changes are automatically saved in Google Drive. You can even access your files offline by downloading Google Drive on your device. You gain access to your resume and can edit it as needed, then save it to Google Drive the next time you go online.


Dropbox allows you to send your resume through a shared link rather than an email attachment. As a result, you gain flexibility by updating your resume without having to send a new link. For example, you can fix spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors even after you send your resume to hiring managers or recruiters. Simply save over your previous version so that everyone with the link can access an updated copy of your resume. You also can use links to share folders without concern for email attachment size limits or spam filters. In addition, you can create folders and sub-folders to stay organized during your job search. For example, you can store your resume, notes, contact information and screenshots of important emails. Furthermore, you can favorite your files in the Dropbox mobile app to easily find and view them when you’re offline.

The Cloud

Storing your resume in the Cloud lets you create, edit, export, post and send your resume from your mobile device. Because the Cloud is accessible from anywhere you have internet access, you can manage your job search materials by simply logging into your account. You can use templates to create your resume and export it in PDF, Word, text and HTML formats to hiring managers or recruiters. You also can link your resume to your social media accounts.

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