Why Social Media Will Find Candidates for Your Open Job


When posting job openings, social media needs to be part of your plan. You can utilize social media to find the active or passive candidates who want to work for your company. Here are five ways social media can help you find candidates for your open job.

Post Content on Your Company Page

For example, include information on your company culture, core values and beliefs on operating a team and business. Include this information when posting job openings. Also, write about what makes your company unique and why your employees love working for you. Candidates who don’t fit with your culture won’t reply to your ad. Also, followers will share your information with others, increasing traffic to the career page on your website. In addition, because candidates can learn more about your company through your posts, candidates should come to interviews better prepared for in depth discussions about how their skill sets can benefit the company.


One effective and inexpensive method is using Facebook Ads to find qualified candidates. You can target your ad based on geographic location, age range, education, experience level and interests. You can also focus your ad based on a Facebook users’ employer, job title, industry and office type. Twitter Ads lets you target users based on geographic location, gender, interests, device used and other characteristics. You can also maximize the relevancy of your ads by targeting keywords in users’ tweets. In addition, LinkedIn lets you target users by job title, function, industry and more.

Share Job Postings

You can easily connect with and learn more about candidates before deciding whether to call them in for an interview. For example, you can see how candidates express their ideas and interact with others, which gives you an idea of whether they’ll fit with company culture. Because many candidates are using social media to find their next role, you have access to a greater candidate pool. Ask your employees to share your job postings so their family and friends know you’re hiring.


For example, you can convey to a seemingly infinite audience information about your company’s mission, values, culture, goals and other topics that attract candidates. Also, you can interact with your followers by asking questions and gaining input. In addition, you can share company news and stories to show why employees enjoy working there.

Participate in LinkedIn Groups

You can determine which active and passive candidates are knowledgeable and visible in your industry, review their education and work history, and ask to connect with them. As you build a relationship with candidates, you can begin sharing information about your company and asking whether they may be interested in a new position.

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