Data Gets You the Interview, a Great Answer Gets You the Job


Searching for your next property management position requires work. Two components of your job search should include utilizing data to illustrate your accomplishments and providing stories to give the data context. When you use data to describe your experiences in work situations, you set yourself up as the best candidate for the role. Follow these guidelines to use data to get an interview and tell supporting stories to get a job.

Quantify Your Achievements

Quantifying your achievements helps convey your contributions to reaching company goals. Because areas of business that have metrics associated with them provide high impact, hiring managers look for metrics when scanning resumes. Managers want to see what monetary impact your efforts had for previous employers and how you may benefit your next employer. For example, you may quantify the number of families you placed in apartments over a set period, the number of residents retained over a specific timeframe, or the amount of money you saved a company on utilities over a set time. Also, ensure you provide context so that hiring managers understand the meaning behind the data. For example, “increased profits from $2 million to $4 million over a twelve-month period” is more impactful than “brought in $4 million in one year.” In addition, when ranges are involved, focus on the higher number when possible. For example, “supervised up to 80 employees” is more impactful than “supervised 10 to 80 employees.” Furthermore, use percentages to show how you improved something. For example, “implemented changes to the leasing agent training program that resulted in a 25 percent increase in attracting new residents.”

Share Stories Behind Your Achievements

Ensure you point out specific ways in which you increased revenue, saved money or solved a problem for an employer. For example, you may have implemented a new marketing plan that increased a residential property’s occupancy to 95 percent in 12 months. Also, you might have cut utility costs by 15 percent by having low-flow toilets installed in rental units. In addition, you may have had more lights installed in the parking lot because residents were concerned about safety issues.

Establish Your Credibility

Quantifying and sharing the stories behind your achievements helps establish your credibility. By being honest and sincere about your contributions to a previous employer’s success, you establish trust with the interviewer. As the interviewer begins to like and respect you, they’re more inclined to visualize you in a new role and ask you to come work for them.

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