Interview With InterSolutions Team Member Henry Walker

Henry Walker, Regional Sales Director for InterSolutions, has been part of the team since November 1, 2010. He got his start in property management as a part-time leasing consultant for Green Valley Apartments in Washington, D.C. After two months, Henry moved up to assistant property manager. Soon after, he was promoted to property manager.

Working out of the Silver Spring, MD office, Henry is responsible for securing business for all of InterSolutions’ departments, although his main focus is concierge. He enjoys cultivating and maintaining relationships with the people he meets every day.

Henry says working in property management is very rewarding. He enjoys providing people homes that match their needs and wants. Also, because entering the industry can be difficult, Henry’s happy doing what he can to provide opportunities for individuals just entering the property management workforce or looking for a career change.

Everyone Henry has met in property management has had a positive effect on his career. He appreciates everyone’s contributions in helping him achieve his personal and professional goals.

You, too, can have a rewarding career in property management. For more information, get in touch with InterSolutions today and work with a leader in property management staffing!





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