Want a Promotion (Who Doesn’t!) – 3 Tips to Help!


At various times throughout your career, you’re going to want a promotion. Therefore, it’s important you begin laying the groundwork and gathering the evidence to show you’re responsible enough to move up in the company. Here are three steps you can take to help secure a promotion.

Find a Mentor

Partner with a mentor who’s higher up in the company and wants to help you grow. They’ll provide you with the information, career guidance and advocacy necessary for advancing within the organization. For example, your mentor can praise you for your accomplishments, suggest ways you can improve in specific areas and hold you accountable for your actions. You can openly and honestly discuss work issues with your mentor and find ways to resolve them. In addition, your mentor can point out to your boss how your skills and experience qualify you for promotions.

Acquire Skills

Enhance your technology skills so you can improve efficiency. Ask for additional responsibilities, such as projects you can present to top executives or cross training in other departments. You’ll increase your contributions to the organization and expand your name recognition. In addition, stay current on company and industry news and trends to further help your company innovate and remain competitive. Show you’re a go-to employee for the organization because you get desired results.

Quantify Results

Document data supporting the results of the skills and experience you’ve gained that make you the perfect candidate for a promotion. Your employer needs to see specific ways you’ve been adding value to the company before considering moving you up. For example, log a timeline of your training, acquired skills, accomplishments and situations where you took the initiative. Write down numbers-based results for steps you took that increased innovation, enhanced the company’s reputation or improved the bottom line. Ask your mentor and manager to document constructive feedback they’ve given you and how you’ve improved your performance to increase your productivity. These actions demonstrate your loyalty to the organization and your desire to remain a long-term team player.

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