Interview of InterSolutions Team Member Kathy Wylie


Kathy Wylie, Director of Training and Quality Control, has been with InterSolutions since April 2013. Working out of our Washington, D.C. office, Kathy recruits, hires and trains concierge and leasing consultants, coaches and counsels associates on their performance, and promotes InterSolutions through sales networking.

Kathy’s Start in Property Management

Kathy got her start in property management in 1994. A friend who worked in property management told her about an available leasing position with the company he worked for, Charles E. Smith which eventually became Archstone. Since Kathy has always loved real estate and people, she was willing to make a career change and begin doing something she loves.

Kathy’s Biggest Career Influence    

Kathy credits Lee LaRochelle, her former boss, with having a large impact on her career. Kathy had been a field training manager for approximately one year when Mr. LaRochelle pushed her to start classroom training. Although the thought terrified her, Kathy knew Mr. LaRochelle saw something in her that she didn’t see at the time. Mr. LaRochelle helped Kathy push through her fear and discover a career she loves. She’s been a trainer ever since, enjoys having a leadership role and can’t imagine having any other career.

Kathy Starts With InterSolutions

Kathy will always be grateful to Drew Golin for hiring her to work at InterSolutions. After working at Archstone, for 19 years, Kathy was devastated when the company was sold. She had no LinkedIn profile or resume at the time so she quickly created a resume and posted it on CareerBuilder. Within an hour, Drew was in touch. InterSolutions was thrilled add such an experienced industry professional to their team and Kathy was put in a position to hire, train and coach future leaders in Property Management.

Why Kathy Loves Property Management

Kathy enjoys everything about the property management industry, especially the people she gets to work with throughout the industry. Because getting started in property management is challenging, Kathy feels like a million-dollar matchmaker who helps open the door and train employees to hit the ground running in their new Property Management careers. Kathy finds it rewarding when InterSolutions associates flourish in their Property Management roles and become InterSolutions customers.

Why Kathy Loves InterSolutions

Kathy absolutely loves working with her InterSolutions team. Focusing on one assignment at a time, they’ve had great success growing the business over the four years she’s been with the company. Kathy finds it gratifying that she gets to stay connected to the property management industry and remain in contact with former friends and colleagues many of who are now employees or customers of InterSolutions.

Join Kathy and the InterSolutions Team Today

Kathy couldn’t be happier doing her favorite things with her favorite people. If you’d like her to help you get your foot in the door of property management and/or help with your career growth, get in touch with InterSolutions today!


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