4 Tips for an All-Star Virtual Interview

When searching for your next property management job, chances are you’ll be asked to have a virtual interview. Whether it’s your first or one of many interviews, it’s important to prepare adequately. Follow these tips to ace your virtual interview.

Ensure Technology Is Functioning

Make sure your technology is working well before your interview. This includes your webcam, microphone or headset, speakers and video platform. If you encounter any issues with the quality of your camera, speakers, microphone or headset, purchase one that better fits your needs. Also, find out what video platform your interviewer uses so you may install additional software if needed. Test your technology by calling a family member or friend who has webcam capabilities. If your sound and voice quality are not at a high enough standard, ensure you take care of those issues well in advance.  In the minutes leading up to your interview, the last thing you want to do is fixing technology issues. You will have enough stress already!

Talk in a Quiet Area

Before your interview, set up all your equipment in a quiet, well-lit room of your home that is free from distractions. Ensure your significant other, children and pets are occupied in another location and know they cannot interrupt you. Also, reduce all visual distractions behind your screen that may affect your interviewer’s ability to focus on your conversation. Rather than having them think about a messy room or busy walls, you may want to have a neutral-colored, blank wall or a professional, office-like environment in the background. Also, be sure you dress as you would for an in-person interview, since your clothing will also show up on camera and affect your interviewer’s professional perception of you.

Be Prepared

Well in advance of your interview, participate in a mock virtual interview with a family member or friend. You’ll be able to see how you look in front of the camera, decide what to wear and adjust your volume, pace and other speech aspects so your interviewer can hear and understand you. Also, by practicing your answers to questions you may be asked, you can modulate your tone and avoid looking at or shuffling notes, which can be distracting to your interviewer and make you appear unprepared.  If you are able to record the interview, that can lead to even better feedback.

Establish Appropriate Eye Contact

During your interview, look directly into your webcam. If you look at your monitor, you appear to be looking away and distracted by something else. By looking into the camera and making eye contact, you appear prepared and professional. Practice this so it becomes a habit.

Work with a Leader in Property Management Staffing

These are a few tips for acing your virtual interview. For assistance with securing your next property management position, get in touch with the friendly staff at InterSolutions today!


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